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100 Dollar Bill Drop Card: How To Build Your Business At Any Gas Pump!

100 dollar bill drop cardThe $100 dollar bill drop card is awesome, and If you are like me, I look for and think of many different ways to promote whatever I am doing.

So today I want to share with you another one of my Kungfu Marketing Techniques using the 100 dollar bill drop card at the GAS PUMP!!

Yes The Gas Pump.

Since we are people who like convenience, probably over 30% of us who pump gas pay at the pump.

With this in mind, why not capitalize on that known fact to build your business and generate leads, prospects or customers.

Here is how you can build your business at any gas pump using the 100 dollar bill drop card with out asking people silly question while you pump gas like “Do you keep your business options open”.

That sounds old and lame right?……glad we could agree. Check out this video and go out and take massive action!

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  • Shawn Johnson July 17, 2011, 9:38 pm

    Prince Samuels,

    Glad you receive value from this blog post.
    Feel free to tweet this or share this one face book
    with your friends. Thanks for stopping by.

    I look forward to connecting you with more value
    in the near future.

    To the TOP,

  • Charles February 12, 2016, 6:16 am


    • Shawn Johnson February 12, 2016, 7:36 am

      Thanks Charles. This is a marketing strategy that ANYONE can do, plus is rejection free as well.

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