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The Top 3 Activities For Generating More Leads And More Sales In Your Home Base Business

home base business more leads and more sales

Ok here is the deal…We all want to make extra if not full time income from our Home Base Business so we can enjoy our families and just do the things we want to do when we want to do them..

The truth of the matter is that's the sole reason we get into the home base business industry outside of wanting to help others as well.. But why when we join we don't take it serious enough and do whatever it takes 90 days straight to be successful?
No just you but I have been guilty of not doing what it takes as well to achieve a goal.. so here is a quick tip you can use that will EXPLODE your business only if you decide to exercise what I am about to tell you today! If you are in the home base business or direct sales niche here are 3 things you can do TODAY for the next 90 days that will with out a doubt generate you more leads and more sales in your business.
1. Spend 30-60 minutes a day on personal development
I consider this to be the #1 business killer of all times and that is lack of investing in one's personal development. If you really look at your business, its all about personal development but at some point you have to grow outside of the box.
Here is what I mean….
…it's ok to get on team calls and rant and rave about your opportunity , but what happens when you are not around the team? See this is crucial because I can remember attending events and calls and everyone is pumped , jacked out of their minds and ready to build an enormous business based on the feelings and energy they are receiving at that time. However once the event or call is over most revert back to their old ways not taking action and not believing they can have success.
This is why personal development is crucial because it gives you a different mindset that can carry you a long way in your business. Personally when I read mark Yarnell's “My First Year In Network Marketing” (which you can grab on amazon) I put down the phone because I was about to cancel my auto-ship in my very first home base business.
What I discovered in his book help me understand what I was going through and how to over come those challenges. If I had not have taken the time to read his book, you would not be reading this blog post today. So, personal development is crucial so start investing in yourself 30-60 minutes a day.
2. Do income producing activities 1-2 hours a day 4-6 days a week
This is were the achievers separate themselves from the pretenders. For instance, on Facebook you may see people who are in business posting information on their wall about the latest movie star gossip or who got slapped on the newest reality t.v. show, but what you do not see is them doing more income producing activities that will generate leads and more sales.
Granted we are all human I THINK, and we need some form of entertainment in our lives, but lets face it..Facebook is a lead cash cow and in order to capitalize on using it for your business you should spend most of your time doing income producing activities. Here is some Free Facebook marketing training you can start implementing right now that will help you generate more leads and more sales on Facebook alone!
Outside of Facebook there are many income producing activities you can do to start generating more leads and more sales in your business. The #1 income producing activity I think all home base business owners should do to sustain a long term business is blogging. When you have a blog it's like your home base for your particular business or brand. A blog can take quite a bit of investment to get started, especially if you plan to use photography or create video products in your posts. As a home base business owner, you will need to make sure that you find enough space to keep any camera equipment out of the way of your office in order to have space and a clear mind. Some people even dedicate a room in their house to their photography and if this room is broken into, it will set you back a large part of your budget replacing this equipment. Be sure to have a home camera system fitted in order to protect all of your business assets! Home security cameras can be expensive. So if you don't have enough money for a home security camera, you may want to look into finding the best rates in the UK as this will give you a loan and will help you keep your assets safe, as you'll be able to afford a security camera.
In today's market people want to do business with people they like and they trust so having a blog allows you to write about your expertise, your experience using the product and also who you are as a person when it comes to family and leisure. Online e-commerce has became a massive trend in recent years and many high-street names have followed onto an online enterprise, many of which have been using a one click upsell shopify app whereby, they can get tips and tricks to be the market leaders online as well as in the stores. When you do this with the proper blog training, your information can out rank your companies website on Google. This is huge because now you are seen as the authority on that subject matter when you do.
So if someone is willing to buy most likely they will buy from you or opt into your information as a lead. I will be honest and tell you right not that setting up a blog can be nerve wrecking with all the different things you have to do to get it started, but when it comes to generating lead and making more sales, a blog is a must have component of any person who is doing a business online.
Recently I discovered a blogging platform that not only cuts out all of the technical stuff required in setting up a blog, but it is also helping home base business owners new and old make more money and generate more leads for their particular niche. Now instead of focusing on a pretty banner and blog theme that are not income producing components, but focusing on content and value which are, a newbie can start blogging about their products or services and rank on the 1st page of Google.
So using Facebook and blogging are just a few of the income producing activities you should be doing 1-2 hours a day 4-6 days a week if you want to have a profitable home base business.
3. Train, Test and Tweek
Well I just went over the importance of personal development and doing income producing activities. If you do not do either of them , then what I am about to tell you will not make a difference. So make sure you invest in both of them based on if you are full time or part time in your home base business. So lets talk about training, testing and tweeking.
In our line of business, what works today may not work next week so you have to always be up on the latest training in the market place, however you do not need to go out and buy every product that launches on the next best marketing trick. What you should do is pick a few strategies and master them. So right after you train, implement what you have learned then test it and tweek it based on your results.
I learn this the hard way because I lost alot of money on things that did not work from the lack of testing and tweeking it based on my results. It was not until I started following Daeagn Smith when I learned the importance of training ,testing and tweeking that he covers in his Maximum Leverage training program. I learned that training testing and tweeking can save you money as well as help you maximize what you are doing based on what is working and what is not working.
It makes no sense in continued marketing of a campaign that is not pulling in any leads or sales. This is why testing and tweeking is important to your business. If you are not doing it start doing it today because it will save you alot of money and it will also help you maximize the number of leads and sales you can make with a particular campaign.
So there you have it.. 3 activities you can start doing right now that will generate you more leads and more sales for your home base business. If you start implementing them today for the next 90 days, I can assure you that you will have a bigger and more profitable business.
If you are looking for a platform that can help you generate more leads and more sales click here , unless you are already generating 20 leads and 2 sales a day!

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