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Tempo Wireless Review

Tempo Wireless Review

In this Tempo Wireless Review, I am going to keep this blog post short and to the point about Tempo Wireless (formerly Lightyear Wireless) and what you need to know before become a customer or representative of the MLM communication company.

Tempo Wireless – The Lightyear Wireless Rebirth

Tempo Wireless previously known as Lightyear Wireless is the new brand created for the network marketing part of the company in the pre-paid wireless market. This is high demand market.

Tempo Wireless is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and focuses on No Contract Wireless as well as providing service through the Lifeline Wireless program.

What is Lifeline?

According to The Tempo Wireless website, the Lifeline program is a program that is geared towards the population whom income is either at or below the poverty line or those who are on some type of federal or state assistance.

Personally I think this is a great program for those who may not be as fortunate to be able to maintain paying a monthly cell phone bill. That's why Tempo Wireless has a no contract focus and the lifeline program is a great selling point to be able to gather customers who qualify.

Tempo Wireless Products

Tempo Wireless products basically include, phones you can purchase from them and a no contract plans that start as low as $20 to $59.99 a month.

Here is what you get based on what plan you decide to choose.

Tempo Wireless Review

Starting A Tempo Wireless Business

To get started as a representative with Tempo Wireless you have 3 packages to choose from. You can start off at its top package which is the Regional Manager Package costing $499.99.

Another option would be to start of at the next package below which is the Regional Manager at $299.99.

If you have not start up capitol but still want to be able to participate as a representative with Tempo Wireless then you can start at the manager level which is totally free to join.

Starting at the manager position qualifies reps to earn commissions. However starting at the upper level position qualifies the reps to earn other perks and incentives they can advertise to potential customers. Tempo Wireless also offers a marketing suite and back office you can use to build your business. It cost $25 to set up and a monthly fee of $49.99.

It consist of a back office, back office tracking, marketing materials and free first month offers for retail customers.

For more information on the perks and incentives visit the Tempo Wireless Website.

How To Make Money With Tempo Wireless

Basic Compensation Plan: According to Npros.com, Tempo Wireless pays up to $25 per customer referred to their No Contract Wireless Plan.

Additionally, reps may earn up to 10% of their personal referral customers' monthly wireless bills. Up to $12 per customer in overrides is available for referrals by others on a rep's team.

Lifeline Program: Tempo Wireless's compensation plan pays $7.50 per customer for referrals who qualify for a free phone and free monthly Lifeline Wireless Service, and an annual $7.50 renewal commission.

Additionally, $3.50 overrides are paid by others in your rep team for their referrals.

Tempo Wireless also offers a You+3=FREE program, where reps receive free phone service if they have three active referrals.


Retail customers may also participate in the You+3 FREE program. Tempo Wireless participates in the Wireless Lifeline program, offering free phones and free limited service to those who qualify for the government's lifeline program.

Leadership Bonus: Tempo Wireless offers a weekly leadership bonus and leadership bonus pool, as well as “Platinum Bonus” and a car pool.

Tempo Wireless Scam – Is It True?

Tempo Wireless may seem a scam being its former name use to be Lightyear Wireless. A lot of companies change their name but sometimes that can be a red flag.

In doing my research on Lightyear Wireless I could not find any information to suggest so.


From the surface, Tempo Wireless seems to be a great opportunity for anyone looking to make money from home. It has a product that just about everyone needs and it also has a huge market to promote it products to.

However if you do not understand how to generate leads, so you can sell more products and sponsor more reps in your Tempo Wireless business – YOU WILL FAIL! Providing top notch marketing education for reps is the only downside I have seen with Tempo Wireless, and if this is not address most Tempo Wireless reps will not succeed. If you're interested in headsets check out top headset for office phones.

So if you decide to become a Tempo Wireless rep and you want to be able to generate leads so you can make more sales and sponsor more reps online (click here for your FREE lead generation report), and my secret weapon to total business automation.

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  • Trell December 26, 2014, 12:12 pm

    Hey Shawn, my name is Trell and i was thinking about Tempo wireless as a great mlm startup for myself. and just wanted to ask you a few questions. you can reach me at tell.cooke@yahoo.com

    • Shawn Johnson December 28, 2014, 10:06 am

      Trell, whats your question my friend. I be glad to answer it right here. Maybe it will help the next person out as well who has a similar questions.

  • Michele May 18, 2015, 6:14 pm

    I do have to refute some of your arguments in your review.

    I have heard some of their webinars. They do have the back office charge for $49 for the senior manager level back office. However, they give incentives while in this program. You get paid back for your initial investment if you help others to get to that level. Who would not want to help others get three people. You get the over rides plus a fast start bonus for doing this. Also, this charge is cheap since they did charge $250 one time initial fee before. Even if the price was still $250, this is pretty cheap considering most business franchises are more costly for start up. Next, you are not left to fend for yourself. They give you a few questions to ask your customer that are so simple yet logical. In addition, they have you send the link to your prospects so that they can help sell your customer. They have your back. Third, they are backed up by a local telecommunications company in Atlanta, Birch Communications. They have a partnership so you know Tempo is not a fly by night business.

    Light year was located in KY and also had their own communications company. I think they failed due to fact that people did not want to endure the ETF fees to get out of the contract vs no contract and still paying for another phone. This is my understanding.

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