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Javita Coffee Review

Javita Coffee ReviewIf you are reading this post, you are either involved in Javita Coffee Company or you are looking for more information to make a sound decision if this is for you.

Below is a 3rd party review to help you make a sound decision whether Javita Coffee is the right company for you to build your fortune. 

Javita Coffee Company is a home-based business that markets and distributes healthy coffee infused with a proprietary blend of herbs and other natural ingredients. With Javita’s single serving, instant coffee; sharing the product with others is simple Launched in June 2011, this company is open for business in over 27 countries worldwide! According to their website, Javita’s mission is simple. Bring coffee and life together, and become the best and most successful coffee company in direct selling by improving people’s lives one cup at a time.

Javita Coffee Products

The Javita product is coffee and there first product to market is called energy + mind – ‘Coffee Evolved’. Their line of products contains an infusion of herbs and other natural ingredients into organic estate-grown South American Coffee, teas and hot cocoa.  This proprietary blend of ingredients will provide the benefits of increased energy, enhanced mental clarity and alertness, memory, and it may even help you suppress appetite. The products come in easy to use single serve sticks that you can simply add to a cup of hot water and in an instant have a gourmet cup of java.

Investment – How much does it cost to become a Javita Coffee Representative?
You can become a distributor for Javita Coffee at two levels. There is the $99 option and $599 option. The major differences being that at the $599 level you receive more product, and are eligible for the $500,000 Rank Advancement and 50% Match Bonuses. Both distributor kits come with all the resources and marketing tools you need to start your business. They have established a training platform called Javanomics that will provide detailed training and support, including marketing strategies, personal development and team building tips to maximize success and help the company achieve their vision.  

How do you get paid with Javita?
Javita has a uni-level compensation plan, which means that each active member creates a level. There are 10 ways to get paid up to 15 levels deep with the Javita compensation plan including retail profits (distributor to consumer) up to 30%, a weekly Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions, a $500,000 Rank Advancement and Matching Bonus. Javita is committed to supporting the American economy with their car program. Where most companies only offer one or 2 car choices, Javita Coffee Company  offers a car bonus on cars produced by General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The choice of car, however, is up to you!

How do you grow a successful Javita Coffee business?

One of the best ways to get the ball rolling fast is to talk to people who actually drink coffee. They already consume it and they could easily become your next loyal customer or distributor. However, one of the fastest ways to reach a large number of people would be using the internet which has proven to be very success in the web 2.0 world! Having a structured, effective marketing system that uses the power of the internet will enable to you grow your business exponentially! An effective marketing system not only teaches you how to master the internet and generate an infinite amount of leads to funnel into your business but it also gives you much needed leverage and team duplication. Having this will remove the limitations of growing your business among friends and family and give you the opportunity to expand your reach around the world!

Javita Coffee Review Insight:


Javita seems like a very good company with a great product as well as a generous compensation plan but distributors are still struggling to have success.

If you are looking for a Javita coffee system to grow your business and want to partner with a leader that can guide you there, Click Here, (Unless you are already making 1-2 Sales Per Day)

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  • Michael Harrington April 18, 2012, 2:47 am

    Hello great review. Are all the payment processor problems sorted? Other than this, it seems like a solid opportunity

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