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Simple Ways To VLOG Using Screen Sharing Tools

Vlog TV

Do you VLOG?

Video blogging or video logging sometimes shorten by saying Vlog is a form of a blog in which video is used according to Wikipedia.

And a great way to make a Vlog post on your blog without putting your face on camera is to use a screen-sharing program.

This type of video blogging or Vlogging is awesome when sharing How-To-Content with your audience. It is also a great way to share the behind the scenes of a product, tool, or software you maybe promoting online. Some people decide to read about cameras for vlogging at websites similar to buyersimpact.co.uk (https://buyersimpact.co.uk/) if you're interested.

With so many different gadgets you can use online to do video blogging on you blog – how do you choose? There are so many different products you need to consider and research, such as the best dslr for video.

There are many different screen recording software programs you can use such as

Screenr.com — This software works on both PC's and Macs. You can record easily with just a few clicks. It's a clouded based software that lets you record your desktop and then share everywhere including YouTube.com, other social media, your website and more. It even works on mobile technology. I have not personally used this software but it looks like a cool one to use when Vlogging.

Ezvid Screen Recording Tool — This is another software that you can download to start recording your screen if you use Windows.

This is also a tool I have not used personally, but it has great reviews.You can create wonderful how-to tutorials and more with Ezvid Screen sharing tool. You can also add narration by recording your voice while the video is playing.

Camtasia — This is a bit more expensive, but it's a full-featured video-editing software program with really awesome tutorials.

This one I have personally used 🙂 .

You can record your screen with a voice over, edit it later to cut out mistakes, and more. It's really intuitive and simple to use. Plus it's worth the money that you will pay for it so I recommended it highly

JingEveryone loves FREE! Jing is a free tool that is perfect for creating very short screen-share videos. It’s from the makers of Camtasia, so it’s easy to use and well supported. Even better did i say that it was free?….Jing is the perfect introduction to screen sharing. The only limitation is that you cannot easily edit your videos, and you’re limited to 5 minutes of recording time. But its free so what do you have to lose.

Screencast-o-matic – This is by far one of my favorite screen sharing tools. It is ideal for recording how-to guides to share with your audience.

Also during the recording process, you can pause if you need to and then click record again to pick back up where you were. This is a good option to use if there's something that you don't need to share with your audience or something you don't want them to see – like logging in to a site and your password would show and you don't want them to see that.

Simply hit the pause button, do what you need to do and then hit record and pick back up.

Once you have created your video, with the click of a button you can upload it to YouTube, Screencast-O-Matic or save the video file to your computer. Again, as mentioned above, if you want the ability to edit right there within Screencast-O-Matic, there is a paid version available. With the paid version, you also get the option of uploading directly to Vimeo as well.

Here is a little demo of me using Screencast-o-matic:

Using Screen Sharing Videos on Your Blog or Blog

Videos that are made by sharing your screen are useful in a variety of ways in just about any niche.

They’re a natural fit for coaches and trainers of courses, who can use screen sharing to easily demonstrate new software or techniques. In my niche, network marketing these tools are a big helping when training your customers and partners.

But even if your market is new moms or crafters or dog owners, you can still use this technology to reach your audience by coupling it with a informative PowerPoint presentation.

Not sure what content is a good fit for your video? Look back at your most popular Blog posts and think about how they can be expanded to include video.

For example, if you've written a how-to blog post of any kind consider using that post as a script to record your screen actions doing the same thing. Clever huh?

Your audience will appreciate the different types of content, as will the search engines who will rank your content for others to find.

Beyond the Boundaries of Your Blog

When you do Video blogging or Vlogging, you are not limited to just sharing the videos on your personal blog.

Personally I share my videos on YouTube and other social media sites suck as Facebook, and Twitter. It is all up to you.

My favorite is YouTube because it makes me more search engine friendly.

Also it's the 3rd most visited website in the world which is own by Google which just happens to be ranked #1 in the world. So if my videos are not found on my blog, they most definitely get found on YouTube (sneaky tip – did you catch it?).

Anyway, if you want to get started with video but not quite ready to put your face on camera? Screen sharing is the perfect choice. When you are ready to turn the camera on yourself, Instagram has a great live streaming function. Those looking how to get more followers on Instagram may want to utilize the services of an account manager, like those from Upleap.

Not only is it super easy to do, it also helps engage your audience by providing a valuable resource in a format that’s easy to use and follow.

So go ahead and give it a try! You might just be surprised at the feedback you will get from your audience.

If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

– Shawn Johnson

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