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How To Generate Free Opportunity Leads

So where can you get free opportunity leads to build your affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing business?

I can remember when I first got started in network marketing I use to get my free leads from the white page phone book.


On the weekends, I use to pump myself up so I could make calls to build my travel business at the time. After I got up enough heart to make a cold phone call, I would just turn to any page and pick a name.

Then I would make that cold call and say this lame old script I learned from a guy ( I forget his name) teaching you how to cold call people from the phone books.

It kinda went like this..

Hello can I speak to (leads name).

When they say this is he or she I would say…Your name ran across my desk as a person who was smart and interested in making more money.

Is this correct? ..then I would pause.

Sometimes people would say yes, then I would ask them to get a pen and give them my website and a set of directions to follow.

Other times people would say all sort of things like ..

*Don't call me no more

*Hell naw bye

*How you get my number

*F- you

*and so on and so on.

I tell you this story because its a better way to get free opportunity leads to build your affiliate or mlm business opportunity.

And because

Free Opportunity Leads

I will share with you 4 ways to generate free opportunity leads, that you can go out and use today to build your business online.

4 Ways To Generate Free Opportunity Leads

1. Blog Daily

One of the simplest way to generate free leads for your business is to blog daily. You can either set up a blog through WordPress or you can use a ready to go Empower Network blog that gives you the ability to leverage their authority domain which can help you rank on better on Google

Empower Network also provides training on how to blog to generate free leads for any business that includes 5  modules if you decide to use their platform.

When you do this daily (blogging) and you provide valuable helpful content, you can start generating traffic to your blog as well  leads when you leave a call to action at the end of your content for your readers to get more tips or subscribe to your news letter.

This will allow you to not only generate free opportunity leads but it will also allow you to follow up with them using your auto-responder.

If you don't know how to blog, so what because  we all were bad before we became good. Just remember the more you write the better you will become so just blog daily and solve other people problems.

2. Create An E-Book

Another way to generate free leads for your business is to create an e-book. Believe it or not this is real simple to do and all you need to do is a few things.

First recognize the niche that you want to market to then find out where they hang out.

Once you find out where they hang out, make a survey based on your niche and ask them to give you 5-10 questions they would like answered about that particular niche.

For instance, if your niche is selling Real Estate, you could ask people looking to buy a home what is the top 5 questions they have before they purchase a home.

After you get enough responses to your survey, you can take the top 5-10 questions they provided and create an e-book.

You can name it…” 10 Important Questions You Need Answered Before You Buy Your Dream Home”. All you have to do is provide an answer to each questions and sign the e-book with your name, number and website address.

You then can offer this Free e-book  on your Real Estate site, your blog posts call to action statement or list it on your business cards. It's easy to make and you can just type up a word document and turn it into a pdf.

3.  Create a Facebook Fanpage

This is another free way to generate free leads for your business.

Because Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world this would be a great place to generate free leads. One of the best ways in generating free leads on Facebook is to make a Fanpage.

This page should be made based on your particular niche and target market. This will be your platform for sharing information with your fans. Here you can also create tabs that you can link to different areas of your business.

For instance if you have a secret strategy for generating leads, you could create a tab on your Fanpage that allows your fans to get that info if they leave their name and email on the form on the page.

This again is a way of generating free opportunity leads for your business because you are providing something of value that they want.

So if you have not done so already, go and make you a Facebook Fanpage now. If you need ideas go check out mines.

4. Create YouTube Videos

Last but not  least creating YouTube videos is a great way to generate free leads.

I can remember when I first started doing videos online, I use to take me about 10 tries before I actually uploaded one video.

This only because I was trying to be perfect and look like someone else.

I eventually found out that on videos I can be myself and share information with the world which some people will like while others will not.

So when you start creating your videos just talk to your target market and not worry about everyone liking your message.

When you start doing Youtube video frequently providing information that your niche is looking for,  if you provide a good video description and you put in your  leads capture page link, you probably will start seeing leads right away.

I will warn you…

Just posting a video will not generate leads because sometimes your video may not be seen.

Using the proper keywords in your video title and in your body plays a big role in getting eyeballs on your video but we will discuss that in another blog post.

I found out that some people will like your information while others will not. Just go out and do videos and provide value in your market place.

Just Do It

So I just provided you 4 ways of generating free opportunity leads for your business. If you are on a tight budget this is the best way to go.

All you have to do now is Just Do It..

I hope I have provided much value to you on this blog post. If you wan to learn how I used these free staretgies to generate my first 5 figures online.

You know what to do below..


See you on the beach..

Shawn Johnson

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  • Felicia December 11, 2013, 12:06 am

    Man o man….I had a flashback to my early early.MLM days! Dang, I didn’t know you were literally cold calling folks. Great tips for generating leads by the way….my favorite is the YouTube videos….which is laughable since my sponsor use to always encourage me to make videos but I was resistant. Now that I’ve done several and got good feedback, I’m getting better and better! Thanks for the great post.

    • Shawn Johnson December 11, 2013, 4:41 am

      Yes Felicia,

      I use to do hard core marketing back in the day but, thanks to the internet and me not giving up I found better and more successful ways to build my business.
      At the end of the day it’s all about growing.

      Glad you started doing videos to build your business. I have seen a lot of yours and you are getting better and better by the minute.

      Keep up the great work.

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