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Five Solid Prospecting Tips To Help You Close Anyone, Anywhere At Anytime

Do you pick up the phone when building your home base business?

Well in the world of internet marketing , sometimes we can forget that building a home base business is a contact sport. A lot of use just want to use the internet only and not pick up the phone when prospecting when building out business. But don't forget about keeping it all tight on the outgoings side. My friend was telling me about some energy comparison he did recently which helped him keep his bills down.

As the owner of a business, one of the biggest challenges you might face is managing your accounts. Ultimately, it is important to keep on top of any emerging trends from the world of finance that can potentially boost your business. For more information on accounting trends, check out the University of Alabama Birmingham website.

This works to a certain point, but connecting with people is the key. Sometimes we get caught up with the phrase “Without Picking Up The Phone” when it comes to generating leads and turning those leads into sales.

Let me be the first to say not picking up the phone does work however, if you are not generating 2,000 leads a day, picking up the phone may not be a bad idea. The crazy thing is that most network marketer don't even call the leads they generate, so picking up the phone will definitely separate you from the pack.

One of the real reason networkers don't call their leads back is because they do not know what to say.

I recently was on a conference call where my friend Cedrick shared five solid prospecting tips that I know you can use in your business. Not only can these tips help you succeed, but if you master them you can become a prospecting machine.

Five Solid Prospecting Tips

We all like simple directions or simple formulas that we can follow that will get us to our goal.

So I am going to share with you my prospecting tips notes so you can go and get results today.

Here goes…

1. Prospecting Tips – Phone Affirmation

An Affirmation is a declaration that something is true according to Wikipedia. So you want to declare that the phone is your friend. A lot of networkers look at a phone as a 300 pound guerrilla , so they will not pick it up and call back their prospects.

When you affirm that the phone is your friend and you trick your brain to believe so, picking up the phone and calling back your leads will become and instant reflex.

2. Prospecting Tips – Say Hello

One of the biggest reasons why networkers do not call back their prospects is because they do not know what to say. If you just call them back and just say “Hello” ( introduce yourself) , you will separate yourself from about 40-50% of the other networkers who do not call their prospects back at all.

My friend Cedrick said, If you had a 40-50% chance of winning the lottery, would you play?… Of course you would! So why not pick up the phone and call back your prospects if you have those odds in connecting and closing them inside of your business.

3. Prospecting Tips – Use Leading Questions

When talking to your prospects using leading questions. A leading questions is a questions suggest particular answers. The reason you are asking your prospects these questions is to get a response in the direction where you want the conversation to go.

The old saying goes, “The person asking the questions is the person taking control of the conversation”. So you want to let your prospects talk so they can share with you the information that you need to close them.

Some leading questions you can ask can be:

Hey prospect, I what do you do for a living?

Hey prospect, I see you opted into my website about making $1,000 a week from the comfort of your home, do you remember that website?

Hey prospect, what was it about my ad that caught your attention?

Hey prospect, what has changed in your life that has you wanting to make money from home?

4. Prospecting Tips – Get Personal

Asking a prospect about their area code is a simple way to get personal with your prospect. It gets your prospect to talk and open up a little.

This questions can lead to more question like the ones I mention on prospecting tip -4. There are other ways you can get personal with your prospects such as asking them about the weather.

However do what works best for you , but get personal, find out who your prospects are and ask them leading questions to get them to talk.

5. Prospecting Tips – WIIFM ( whats in it for me)

As my friend Cedrick says, “Prospects are tuned into radio station WIIFM ( whats in it for me)”. So you must find out what's in it for your prospect and not you because you are already in.

Speak in your prospects language not your language because that will be the best way for you to close them. When you connect with your prospect and find out their WHY, it will give you ammunition to be able to cater to your prospect better.

If you follow these 5 solid prospecting tips, I can not guarantee you will make a boat load of money, but I can guarantee your business will not be the same in the next 30 days!

Remember, when you learn how to close people who are contacting you, you can start generating the income that you deserve so you can enjoy your life and your family.

Shawn Johnson

Question: What is the #1 reason why you do not pick up the phone and call your prospects? Is it because you don't know what to say or you aren't generating leads to begin with? Leave a comment below.

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