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Cross Recruiting in Empower Network: Desperate Marketers On The Prowl


No matter what company you are in cross recruiting takes place all the time.

Just for this blog post I will focus on Empower Network cross recruiting and how you can avoid this problem.

So before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post – What exactly is cross recruiting.

My Definition of Cross Recruiting

Cross recruiting is basically when a person starts contacting people via social media, email or phone call who are in their current company to share with them another program, product or services that they have gotten involved in. However, if you were new to the company you might have to endure one of the berke assessment tests before your interview.

So that was my definition of cross recruiting, but since I am not a legal representative, lets see what an legal expert says.

Just to cover our asses lets see what an attorney at law has to say what exactly cross recruiting is in the mlm/network marketing space.

Derek Banducci Attorney of Law defines cross recruiting as follows:

Cross-recruiting occurs when a distributor uses contacts that he or she develops while working at one MLM company to solicit distributors to join a competing company.

Derek's definition falls inline to what my definition was saying, so its safe to say we are on the same page.

Why Do People Cross Recruit In Empower Network?

From what I can see, the majority of the people who cross recruit in Empower Network are desperate money hungry unethical marketers.

Instead of actually using the blog and implementing the information that are in the empower network products to build their business, these desperate marketers rather use the Empower Network community as a prowling ground for new business.

You know the drill….

They connect with you on Facebook or via your email (they got from facebook) and say…

“Shawn have you seen XYZ, it can help you build your Empower Network business.

This is what I am using to get 20-40 leads a day. Here is my link www.desperatemarketers.com…..”

Sounds familiar right?

Yeah, either these prowlers have not soaked in the information that the Empower Network $15K Per Month Products offers or they never upgraded to gain that knowledge which is a very intensive course with over 8 modules of how to generate leads , make sales and build a $15K per month income online.

Well Empower Network Compliance clearly says if they are not your personal sponsored in Empower Network and you attempt to recruit them into another opportunity while still an Empower Network affiliate yourself, Your Hand-poss is their's in so many words.

To get the exact terms and conditions pertaining to this you can check out the Empower Networks Compliance.

What Is Not Cross Recruiting In Empower Network?

Now if you are like me, you are daily building a list to build your business online and when you are generating 10-40 leads a day it's no telling who may become a lead.

Because of this , you may just get some Empower Network Affiliates opting into your list.

They probably do so just to see what you are doing and if this is the case its not your fault if they happen to get an email promoting something other than Empower Network.

It's definitely not your fault if they join something that you have promoted through your email marketing because they asked to be sold, not the other way round.

Also if an Empower Network Affiliate ask you directly to join another product or service that you may be an affiliate of this is still not cross recruiting.

Personally thought: I would tell them to purchase that same product from their sponsor first if they have it before they purchase from me.

But again just to cover your butt if you are an Empower Network Affiliate reading this, run over and check out the Empower Network Compliance for the exact wording and explanation.

What To Do, So You Don't Cross Recruit

There are a 3 simple things you can do starting today so you don't ever become guilty of cross recruiting in Empower Network or any other company you may be involved in.

1. Blog about your product or services you want to promote on your Empower Network blog: Since you are already paying your $25 dollars a month to use the blogging platform, use it and make it the go to source for your products and services your are promoting outside of Empower Network.

2. Get All In: If you are going to use the blogging platform you might as well get access to all the training information that gives you the mindset, knowledge and the how to , to build a million dollar business online.

So invest in inner circle, Costa Rica intensive, $15k per month and the Master's course – all Empower Network informational products.

3. Take Action: Do #1 daily and invest at least 1 hour for #2 towards your mindset and marketing education of the Empower Network products that will help your improve your business online.

So I just gave you a simple blueprint you can use as an Empower Network Affiliate so you never get tempted to cross recruit in your business.

And if you are not and Empower Network Affiliate yet, look at this to get the inside scoop.

Use it and don't lose it and I see you on Stage 🙂

Shawn Johnson

P.S. – If you haven’t already, watch this video now. You’ll dig it. Trust me.

P.S.S. Give me some feedback on this by leaving a comment because, I know some of you have different views and different scenarios you'll like to share.


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