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Creating Memories As A Home Base Business Owner

Merry Christmas…10423874_10204536383584997_6352670124480019717_n

It's December 25th, 2014 and my second Christmas with my 15 month old son.

This time is super special because he is walking and talking and can actually interact with his gifts.

Times like this are awesome times to…

Spend time with family..

Capture precious memories…

And kick back and just enjoy life.

As  a home base business owner, this is why we do what we do.

We work hard to make money and provide for the ones we love, as well as pave a path for those who want to do the same for their love ones.

Trust me, its an awesome feeling when you can enjoy and share special moments in life with your family.

Well today I shared one of those specials moments with my son.

It was so special I am glad I decided to record it with my Iphone and share it here for you to see.

My son's First DUNK  as a basketball player.

Just for your information,I consider this his 1st ESPN 30 for 30 video.

I thought I put it out there in the universe, so one day we can look back on this video and relive this moment.


If you enjoy spending time with your family and creating memories like this, leave a comment and share with me one moment that you will remember forever.

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