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Adrian Hines Empower Network (Helps Others Fight MLM Burn Out)

Adrian Hines Empower Network Dream Team member knows a thing or two about success. A matter of a fact he is one of the leaders on the Empower Network Dream Team Leadership Council.


( Above from left to right: Cheryl Inniss, Adrian Hines, Felicia Starks, Me, Bobi Williams  )

Adrian is also a pastor who not only speaks life and inspiration  into the souls of his ATL congregation, but also into his Empower Network business team.

I like to call him the Kayne West of Empower Network…

…one because he kinda looks like th guy if you throw some shades on him and he has a Kayne like ”  I don't care attitude” when it comes to peoples excuses for starting a business from home.

He once said on one of his blog post…

“That’s why when I hear people cry about not having the $25 for the VBS (viral blogging system and $100 for IC ( inner circle ) I tune them out. That’s PEANUTS to start a business.”.

But Adrian would be the first to tell ya…

He had excuses…

He had failure

He had lack of success..

Something we all have experienced  at some time or another in our businesses. But Adrian's past failures did not stop Adrian Hines Empower Network success.

In fact his past failures and perseverance is one reason why he is successful today.

Adrian will tell you that his success was not over night.

He also will tell you that if you do not commit to your business and attend your business events, most likely you will fail to have success in this industry.

I can personally tell you that most people who do not attend events eventually fail and quit because they are not engaged.

It's not because the business is saturated, or everyone on Facebook is doing it.

It's because that person is not being true to themselves in doing what it takes to succeed.

So when you look at a guy like Adrian , who attends all the events… You can start to understand why he ranks among some of the top Empower Network affiliates.

Adrian's story is amazing … he went from working at a cell phone kiosk in the mall, to working his home business full time.

It's much more I can say about Adrian Hines, but I will let him share the rest of his story.

Recently Adrian spoke at an Empower Network event in Orlando Florida where he shared his story and some golden nuggets to help you succeed.

Here are some notes I took from Adrian's Video.


  • Stay engaged in your business – This is how you are in the know and up to date with what is going on.
  • Commit 100% – Be fully committed to your business on all levels.
  • Follow the system – Follow the game plan of your team leaders. Don't re-invent the wheel.
  • Learn, Apply and Teach – Learn a skill, Apply it, then teach it to your team.
  • Generate a consistent lead flow – Commit to generating 5-20 leads a day for your business funnel
  • Stay consistent – continue to apply the core principles for success in your business- wash , rinse repeat. 

I hope Adrian's story will inspire you to continue to go after your dreams. It's never to late to achieve success because it all start with making a decision to do so.

Here is how I made a decision to succeed once I put down the handcuffs and picked up the pay checks!

C see you on the Beaches of the world,

Shawn Johnson

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  • Adrian Hines December 19, 2013, 7:53 pm

    Dude I didn’t even know you wrote a blog post about me. I feel honored man…people are blogging about me LOL. It was well written and 100% true. If you come across this post make sure you sign up with THE SUPER DOER Shawn Johnson!

    • Shawn Johnson December 19, 2013, 8:51 pm

      No problem Adrian….You keeps it real man.

      I am so proud of your success – and your keep it real attitude.

      See you in Miami bro.

  • Lori Robertson December 20, 2013, 7:08 pm

    Great post about Mr. Adrian Hines, he definitely is an up and coming leader in Empower Network and truly has a lot of value to share.

    • Shawn Johnson December 20, 2013, 7:15 pm

      Yes I agree Lori…

      You are one as well along with Adrian.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point of view.

  • Shalonda Gordon January 6, 2014, 10:45 pm

    Great post Shawn.. just let Adrian know you wrote about me FIRST!! ROFL.. Just kidding.. kind of! Seriously though, I had the privilege to hear Adrian in person.. and it was absolutely amazing. It really is an honor to build with him.. (now if you tell him I said this I will deny it).. ROFL.. Awesome post.. keep smiling

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