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3 Big Reasons Why You Should Not Give A Flying Feather When Guru Network Marketers Switch Deals!

When a person switches network marketing companies it's really not a big ol deal. However when a guru network marketers does the exact same thing, it is instantly put on blast for all to see.

So why is that?

Why should you even give a flying feather?

Well I know about this process first hand. I must tell ya it definitely was not pretty experience, but I learned some valuable lessons that I want to share with you today.

So before I go on a big time rant and talk about my personal experiences, let me pause so I can share with you the 3 reason I think you should not give a flying feather if a Guru switches companies.

3 Reason To Scream I Don't Give A Flying Feather!

1. You Are Not Getting Paid To Switch!

This is a huge reason not even care. I mean most if not all of the big time net-workers who switch deals are getting paid to do so. Why….because they have leverage. When you can bring a large amount of reps into another company you have ultimate leverage of getting paid to do so. No company is going to invest in you if you are only bringing along uncle Bob, aunt Annie and yourself because you have no leverage in that equation. On the other side of the coin, some guru net-workers will pay you to join them when they know you have a large team. Believe it or not this happens alot in the industry. But if you only have a team of 2 you fall no where on that radar to even be considered to receive a check for making a switch.

2.  You Are The Same Person Regardless Of A Switch!

This is real real huge and I think alot of people miss this! Ok let me tell you a quick story so you know what I mean…

Internet MarketerOnce upon a time Joe the marketer was sitting at home on his laptop browsing Facebook looking at other peoples updates and post. When all of a sudden he sees an update about Guru X  rumored to have joined Company X “The next best Toe-Nail Clipper Company”! The other thing is that Joe the marketer already has a team with his current company with about 2 reps and 10 customers and he has been in the game for about 7 years. So Joe reads the post because he has seen Guru X around and he knows that this guy/gal is really a net-work marketing power house. Joe knows that this rockstar has built organization of 40,000 and currently has a team of 45,000 in their current company.

But as Joe begins to read more he sees that Guru X has just joined Company X “The next best Toe-Nail Clipper Company”  and the company is not even ground floor its sub-basement! Because of this Joe the marketer mouth starts to get juicy as he in-visions how he can join Guru X and finally make it in the big leagues. So Joe rushes to the link inside the Facebook post to listen to the recorded – webinar and joins immediately with out blinking an eye.

…STOP and lets fast forward Joe's story to 12 months later

So 12 months has pasted and I happen to run into Joe the marketer on Facebook after seeing him post in a marketing group. I ask Joe how is his business coming along and he tells me that he has just joined Guru Y who just joined a new deal that I should take a look at. MY MOUTH DROPS – end of storyinternet marketing training


Joe the marketer never invested in his internet marketing/network marketing education to better himself. Because of this he has constantly joined Guru after Guru hoping he magically falls out of the matrix of not making any money or building a team in network marketing. Consequently, this will continue to be his story line because regardless if  Joe joins a new company who has awesome leaders, Joe will still be the same exact person in the business. So if Joe wants to change his outcome regardless for what company he is in, he will need to invest in his business education.

3. You Cannot Afford To Be A”Bungee Jumper”

Ok I admit I always wanted to bungee jump, but when it comes to doing MLM companies I most definitely do not want to be labeled a bungee jumper.

Quick definition for those who i may have lost..

A Bungee Jumper in network marketing is a person who jumps from deal to deal.

Internet marketing bootcampThis is one label you cannot afford to acquire. But when acquired it is hard to get rid of because people will always see you as a person who is not consistent, confident or productive in the businesses that they do. So chasing behind a Guru every month to join this or join that can damage your business reputation. The funny things is that the Guru's have the resources and the BIG followings to be able to do so, but best believe when and if they do it will be of benefit to them and their goals when they move.

Personally I have seen this happen several times first hand and it seems that the small time net-worker is always the person who comes out on the bad end of the deal.What happens is that, they start to lose credibility and everyone they seem to talk to doesn't trust their business judgement .

So in conclusion there is definitely nothing wrong with joining a Guru in network marketing, or an affiliate program, however I have giving you 3 of what I think are big reasons not to give a flying feather if a guru switches deals. At the end of the day you want you are the one who has the build the business so why not invest in your network marketing education so you can become that guru that everyone wants to follow.

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  • Kim Godfrey January 11, 2012, 11:34 am

    Well, I can relate to Joe. Been there-done that and you’re correct. Nothing changes until you change REGARDLESS of the GURU receiving commission checks off your work! The most obvious thing can be the hardest thing to understand…unfortuanately most will leave broke and bad-talking the industry because they never really understood this fact. Thank you for sharing Shawn!

  • Kelley Kidder January 11, 2012, 2:11 pm

    Reminds me of church hoppers too. They get easily offended and go from church to church. Unfortunately for them, they take THEMSELVES with them everywhere they go. Their own baggage follows them along the path. Until we do the work to get rid of the baggage and grow as individuals, it won’t make any difference which church or mlm we choose.

    • Shawn Johnson January 11, 2012, 11:18 pm

      So true Kelly. What puzzles me Kelley is that most never even get to the point where they realize that the answer is inside of them.

      Thanks for your feed back. I look forward toreading more feed back from you in the future.

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