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2017 Easy Cash Code System Review – Legit Opportunity or Another Scam?

Welcome to my Easy Cash Code System Review!

You probably have already heard of this system or maybe you just happen to come across it on Facebook.

With so many systems and home business opportunities popping up on the internet, it is good to see that you are doing your due diligence before pulling out your credit card.

In this Easy Cash Code System Review, I am going to tell you all about the system, the products and how you get paid so you can decide if its something you want to do. 

Easy Cash Code System Review

Easy Cash Code System Review

Website:  easycashcode.com

The Easy Cash Code System is owned and operator by founder Reginald Stinson.

After doing a little research I discovered that prior to Reginald Stinson purchasing the easycashcode.com domain back in January of 2016,  it was tied to a binary trading system.

The Easy Cash Code System is a BRAND NEW system and I just wanted to clear that up in case you thought it was the exact same thing. Here is a screen shot the shows when the domain was resold which I circled in red.

Easy Cash Code System?

The Easy Cash Code System is a funded proposal system that you can use to not only generate front end income from home, but also to build your primary business on the back-end.

It comes with state of the art done-for-you capture pages, hangout pages and marketing training.

All paid members get full access to these features as well as become instant re-sellers of the system.

Also if you are like mad and you like to build “your own list”, just connect your get response or aweber account to the system so you can build your own subscriber list.

You are probably saying to yourself, “Shawn…what is a funded proposal?”

So let me explain so you can total understand.

What is a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a marketing plan where you sell an inexpensive information product or a system to your chosen market on the front end while building your primary offers on the back-end.

This way even if your market does not buy your primary offer, you are still making money on the front end that supports and pays for your advertising.

Easy Cash Code System – Product & Cost

The Easy Cash Code System at the moment of me writing this blog post comes with 2 product.

The first product is the Easy Cash Code System itself which is $18 one-time to access.

Whats included in the Easy Cash Code System?

  • Easy Cash Code Resell Rights
  • Easy Cash Code Quick Start Training
  • Easy Cash Code Funnel System with Capture Pages
  • Easy Cash Code Referral Management Dashboard
  • Easy Cash Code Video Sales Page and Personal Hangout Page
  • Easy Cash Code Advertising Banners
  • Easy Cash Code Done-Fore-You Email Marketing Series
  • Easy Cash Code Social Media Conversion Post
  • Easy Cash Code Classified Ads and Resources
  • Easy Cash Code Private Facebook Community
  • And much much more…

The second product in the Easy Cash Code System is its SMS Mobile Marketing and Voice Broadcasting Software which is $20 monthly to access.

The sms mobile marketing software allows you to do mobile text marketing as well as voice broadcasting marketing to promote the Easy Cash Code System or whatever business or product that you want to promote.

These are the only two products in the system to date, but word is there are more products being added no later than January 2017.

Easy Cash Code System – How You Get Paid

The Easy Cash Code System pays 100% commissions.

When you make a sale with the system the payments are paid directly to you either through Stripe or your Paypal account.

For ever person you refer to the system you earn a one-time instant payment of $18.

Also, if you become a re-seller for $9.95 per month, and you also own the sms mobile marketing software, you are qualified to earn $20 in recurring income when someone you sponsored upgrades and purchases the sms software as well.

This creates LEVERAGE as well as your ability to earn more income.

Also if you are active in any Facebook groups, you probably have seen some people advertising the Easy Cash Code System making claims you can make upwards of $500 A Day.

Well if you do that math, it will take a person to sponsor 19 people a day to do so. That is 19 people who join at $18 bucks and who also upgrades to the sms package which totals $28 dollars.

In a perfect world this would be an awesome if everyone could achieve it, but realistically its to many variables that come into play.

However I think with the right marketing plan and guidance one could easily sponsor 1-2 a day who goes all in.

And for the average person who is doing this part time that equals up to $56 a day, $1736 a month , with a recurring residual income of $600 a month.

Not bad part time income to the average person building a business from home.

Plus there is more potential to earn even more money when more products are added to the system.

Easy Cash Code System Review – Verdict

easy cash code review

So is the Easy Cash Code System a legit opportunity or just another scam?

Well I have to say it's an all the way legit opportunity with a product that people can use.

Whether a person is an affiliate marketer, trying to build a current business or looking to use the Easy Cash Code system as their main business of choice, the Easy Cash Code System is a good program to get involved in especially if you are on a budget.

FYI, I personally I joined the Easy Cash Code System to get access to the sms software.

It's the cheapest I have seen around on a per month basis and it charges less than 1 cent per message.

I do not know about you but, I am always looking for a bargain seeing that some companies charge up to 6 cents per message.

I have to also admit, its a cool extra income stream as well 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this Easy Cash Code System Review.

Share this post if you think it will help others make an informed decision on whether the Easy Cash Code System is right for them.

Website:  easycashcode.com

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