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If you are new to marketing you may NOT know this…

But if you are an experienced marketer and you have been around as long as I have, You know that  “the money is in the list.”

I have personally discovered that when you increase your newsletter opt-ins or newsletter leads, you sometimes increase your earnings.

And if you do this properly and you stay consistent, you can sometimes increase your earnings quite dramatically.

In this blog post I want to give you some simple tips you can implement almost immediately.

Some tips that if you take action after reading this, you can start  getting more opt-ins in the next 24 to 48 hours.

With that said, here are 7 tips for increasing your newsletter opt-ins.

“Increasing Your Newsletter Opt-Ins”

1. Ask Your Readers To Share Your Content

It's an old saying that says, “If you ask not , you receive not”.

Now the grammar in the saying may not be totally correct, but basically what I am saying is that if you do not ask your readers to share you content,  maybe they won't.

So if you want to increase your newsletter opt-ins, at the end of all your blog post ask you readers to share it.

This will not only get MORE  eyeballs on your content, but it will also  increase your chancing of generating more leads.

To help you out, I am going to share with  you one example of the lines I use when asking my readers to share my content.

Feel free to use it or come up with your own. Most of all, Just ask your readers to share your content if you to increase your newsletter opt-ins

Example: Please comment below and share if this video if it was helpful

2. Experiment with Popups and Exit Popups

If someone is about to leave your website without joining your newsletter, why not try to entice them with a special offer?

Some marketers who have who've tried exit popups often find that they can “capture” as much as 10% of the traffic that would have left without opting in.

I do not know about you, but capturing 10% of the traffic that would have been lost can really boost your business.

Depending on what you are promoting that can mean adding thousands or millions of dollars to your bottom line.

Look, I'm no genius, but I think the FBI would call that a clue!

There are 3 services I recommended for this.

First there is PopUp Domination (aff link), which I have used some years back and Optinmonster (no affiliation) which I see people using as well.

Thirdly, let me not forget about aweber (aff link). Even though its an autoresponder service, its subscription forms also have popup capabilities.

All 3 has their pros and cons, so I suggest you to check them out so you can see what will work best for you.

Which ever once you decide to use, if any,  is totally up to you.

Just make sure you start using popups if you want to see an increase in your news letter opt-ins.

3. Disable The Double Opt In

When I first started building my list, I started with using the double opt-in feature inside of my autoresponder service.

Personally I thought it was the best way to go because I only wanted people on my list that wanted to be there and who were action takers.

Looking back at it now, I probably lost a ton of subscribers because of that.

Although the theory behind double opt in is  to lower spam complaints and have subscribers who want to receive your information.

But the reality is that people often just forget to click the link in the email which then subscribes them to your newsletter.

So if you want more opt-ins to your newsletter just disable double opt in and you'll find your opt-in rate go up immediately.

4. Give Away Something Your Audience Wants

In marketing, the name of the game is to provide a solution to your audience problem.

So with that in mind, why not give away something they want in exchange for a opt-in.

The last part is key: Something they *want*.

I see a lot of marketers on social media who often give away free eBooks with poor quality content.

Then they sit back and wonder why there are not getting higher opt-in rate.

It's because they have truly missed the point.

The way to get higher opt-in rates isn't to just give away something for free, but to actually give away something that the user genuinely wants.

The best way to figure out what that is to hang out where your target audience is and identify their problems you can solve.

Then all you have to do is create content that will help solve their problem and give it to them in exchange for them opting in.

This way you can create your own eBook , that is packed with information your audience WANTS!

5. Put Your Opt In Box Upfront & Everywhere

The title pretty much says its all.

If you are trying to increase your newsletter opt-ins then you should have an opt-in box on just about every page of your website.

It should be above the fold and easy for your audience to see

The only pages it should not be on are the sales pages and checkout pages because they serve another purpose.

6. Network With Others in Person

Another way to increase your newsletter opt-ins is to attend live networking events.

It's a great way to connect to with other networkers and entrepreneurs who enjoy networking and sharing ideas.

This can sometimes lead to joint ventures or list sharing which rarely ever works online.

Just remember that people who like you and know you, are much more likely to do business with you.

So go out and make those offline connections.

7. Customize Your Opt-Out (Unsubscribe)  Page

Instead of having people just opt out of your newsletter, try asking people if they want to keep getting your newsletter – Just at a lower frequency.

You can often cut your opt-out rates by 20% or more by giving people the option of a lower frequency email list.

You can also customize this page leading them to a different opt-in offer that sequentially can build another list.

So there you have it…

7 simple tips for increasing your newsletter opt-ins.  You should go out and and apply these immediately.

Just figure out which one(s) works best for your website and put them into action like yesterday!

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Close More Sales

In today's blog post I want to talk to you about how to close more sales in your network marketing business.

Believe it or not generating leads is not enough, you also have to be able to turn leads in to sales.

This was a problem I had once I started generating 5-10 leads a day. Even though I had the lead flow, for some reason I just was not making sales I thought I should be making.

I quickly found out that its a few more steps I needed to take if I wanted to make more sales in my business. This may be a problem that you are experiences today, and it probably has you frustrated.

You are generating daily leads, but you cannot turn those leads into sales. So today I want  to share with you 7 ways to close more sales in your business. This is probably something you never thought about, but once you start implementing it, your conversions should go up.

5 Stupid Proof Ways To Close More Sales In Your Business

1.  Make Your Offer Risk Free – In the network marketing industry people move with  caution and do not like to take risk. So offering a trial period or a risk free money back guarantee that comes with your offer can definitely land you mare sales.

This allows your potential customers to get the full benefit of your product of services while lowering the risk for them doing so.

2. Translate Value and Results of  Your Product – Most customers cannot translate the value and results that a particular product or service can bring. So if you translate it as simple as possible so they can understand, it gives more credibility to your product and the benefits it will bring.

One example of this would be, “If you use my marketing system that has help thousands generate leads, then you will no longer have to spend $150 a week on Facebook ads”.

3. Add Bonuses – Everyone loves a bonus. Bonuses will dramatically increase your sales conversion because it adds more value to your offer. If this process is set up correctly, your prospects will not be able to resist.

4. Give a Clear Call  To Action – This is where I see tons of people and websites fail. Reason being is because they do not give a clear call to action and sometimes they give no direction at all.   Since I have been in the network marketing industry , I have found out that people love to be told what to do.

This is not because they are lazy or do not want to have to think for themselves. It's just because people love to lead on what they should be doing next.

So lay out instructions and very understandable. This will not only cut out the confusion but it will make process of closing a sale that much more effective.

5. Create Easy Action Steps – One thing I did learn that would have saved me tons of money in the past was to keep things simple. Looking back on it, I probably sabotaged my own business taking a simple process and making it harder.

Your action steps should be so dummy proof, where even someone who is new to the internet can follow them.

Watch this video as I give you a live look on exactly what I am talking about.

I hope my blog post and the information I provide helps you close more sales!


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I get asked all the time, “Can a person really generate leads blogging?”…and my answer is always the same “YES”.

Having a blog as a part of your business, will not only separate you from other people in your company who do not have one….

…But it will also give you an advantage over your competition and help you better connect with your target market. It is for that reason that many people take great care with managing their social media platforms. For example, having an Instagram account with lots of followers and likes gives you a much greater audience than someone without this. This is part of the reason why many are keen to use the help of buzzoid in pursuit of more links.


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