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If you are new to marketing you may NOT know this…

But if you are an experienced marketer and you have been around as long as I have, You know that  “the money is in the list.”

I have personally discovered that when you increase your newsletter opt-ins or newsletter leads, you sometimes increase your earnings.

And if you do this properly and you stay consistent, you can sometimes increase your earnings quite dramatically. [continue reading…]


Welcome to my Easy Cash Code System Review!

You probably have already heard of this system or maybe you just happen to come across it on Facebook.

With so many systems and home business opportunities popping up on the internet, it is good to see that you are doing your due diligence before pulling out your credit card.

In this Easy Cash Code System Review, I am going to tell you all about the system, the products and how you get paid so you can decide if its something you want to do.  [continue reading…]

Close More Sales

In today's blog post I want to talk to you about how to close more sales in your network marketing business.

Believe it or not generating leads is not enough, you also have to be able to turn leads in to sales.

This was a problem I had once I started generating 5-10 leads a day. Even though I had the lead flow, for some reason I just was not making sales I thought I should be making. [continue reading…]