What is Empower Network All About?

by Shawn Johnson in Empower Network

What an awesome weekend we had in Atlanta at the 1st Empower Network Event.

As I pulled out my IPhone…

I was able to record a video of Newsome interviewing my long time buddy Franco Gonzales who shares what Empower Network  is all about.

To recap some of what Franco said … and to get a better understanding of Empower Network ( read this review )

Talk soon..

See you on the beaches of the world,

Shawn Johnson

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Tanisha Ajokatcher

this is great Shawn…love this


Shawn Johnson

Yes an awesome event it was and awesome vision from my buddy Franco. This one of the best platforms that I have every used that an average person could get involved and have success fast and build their business. Like I said at the end of the video “DON’T BE A WUSSY”…


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