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How To Put A Banner On Your Facebook Profile Page

Here is a neat way to Brand yourself on your Facebook Profile Page. This neat little banner can really SHARE your brand ,your organization or anything you would like to share or promote to people who visit your profile page. Below is a quick and easy to follow tutorial to help you post a banner on your facebook profile page. Click HERE to connect with me on Facebook :-)

 TO the Top,
Shawn Johnson

P.S. If you like this Facebook tutorial,
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About the author: Shawn Johnson shows Network Marketers how to generate MORE leads and make MORE sales so they can build a profitable business from home.

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  • Clarissa

    Hi Shawn, during the time I was watching your vid on how to create a benner on Fb when Ityped in profile banner I didn’t get the same banner app as the one on your vid. I need to customise my banner and I noticed with your banner they give the choice. Can you give me the name of it or tell me why Iam not getting the exact same one as yours,thanks in advance.Clarissa.

    • Hey Clarissa, thanks for responding.

      Since I did this video a few things have changed.

      When you log on your facebook in the search box
      put in FB BANNERS . Click that banner app when it pops up.

      Pick any of the banners they have available or scroll
      all the way down and click on the link whats says
      create your own facebook banner if you want to add your own picture
      or banner image.

      I hope this helps if not contact me and I see if I can help you


  • Dinah Jewel

    Thanks Shawn! I did it! I put a banner on my Facebook Profile and it was not hard. Again, thanks Shawn!

  • Peter Horrill

    Thanks for tagging me on that video training King Shawn! Good practical know-how!

    Peter Horrill!

  • Carol

    Thanks for the advice Sean. My speakers are not plugged in just now but as soon as I have it up will definitely be checking this out – great tip!

    • Thank you for your feedback Carol.

      I hope I have helped you with this facebook tip!.


  • I didn’t know they had a banner app. thanks for sharing the info. Now I have to get to work on something nice and interesting.

    • No problem Ed.

      I look forward to sharing more tips with you Ed.
      Facebook is forever changing everyday
      so it will always be something new coming
      down the facebook pipeline ;-)

  • Hey Shawn, this is great! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Bronzilla.

      I thought this would help anyone who was trying to
      figure out to put one on their profile. I have been
      getting alot of request on how I did mines so
      I thought a video should be made.


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