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slimlife review

The purpose of this SlimLife Review is not to sell you on SlimLife but to give you clear cut picture of what SlimLife is all about and how you can benefit from its products and work at home opportunity.

Whether you are a person looking to lose weight or a person looking to make money from home, I will enough information to determine whether SlimLife products and business opportunity is right for you.

 Who Is SlimLife?

According to SlimLife’s website, SlimLife Inc was started in 2011. They have been in the weight loss industry combined for over 10 years and were one of the first companies to start selling HCG weight loss drops online.

They also offer other products to compliment the HCG diet.

SlimLife also were one of  the first companies to offer African Mango weight loss pills, and then create a thermoionic fat burning weight loss pill for active lifestyles.

 The SlimLife Weight Loss Products

SlimLife’s products include:

  • SlimLife HCG Diet Drops
  • SlimLife HCG Maintain Drops
  • SlimLife African Mango Complex
  • SlimLife Thermoionic Fat Burner
  • SlimLife Meal Replacement Diet Shake

All SlimLife products are priced at $49.00 or under for a 30-day supply.


How to Get involved with SlimLife?

When you realize the potential of the SlimLife products and the SlimLife business oppurtunity there are 5 ways that you can get started.

Here are the 5 ways you can get started with SlimLife which require inventory and no inventory.

Packages that require no inventory.

  • Bronze Package – $49 which includes:
    • SlimLife Membership
    • Weight loss training guide ebook
    • Personal Website first 2 months included ($9.95 each additional month)
    • 250 business cards with your name and website
  •  Silver Package – $99 which includes:
    • SlimLife Membership
    • Weight loss training guide ebook
    • Personal Website first 2 months included ($9.95 each additional month)
    • 500 business cards with your name and website
    • 50 SlimLife Brochures
    • Personalized Car decal with your name & website 24″ wide, 10″ tall

Packages that require inventory.

  • Gold Package – $99 which includes:
    • SlimLife Membership
    • Weight loss training guide ebook
    • Personal Website first 2 months included ($9.95 each additional month)
    • 500 business cards with your name and website
    • 100 SlimLife Brochures
    • Personalized Car decal with your name & website 24″ wide, 10″ tall
    • 5 bottles of SlimLife HCG
  • Platinum Packages – $499 which includes: 
    • SlimLife Membership
    • Weight loss training guide ebook
    • Personal Website first 2 months included ($9.95 each additional month)
    • 1000 business cards with your name and website
    • 200 SlimLife Brochures
    • Personalized Car decal with your name & website 24″ wide, 10″ tall
    • 5 bottles of SlimLife HCG
    • 5 bottles of SlimLife Maintain
    • 5 bottles of SlimLife African Mango
    • 5 bottles of SlimLife Thermoinic Burn
  • Diamond Package – $999 which includes:
    • SlimLife Membership
    • Weight loss training guide ebook
    • Personal Website first 2 months included ($9.95 each additional month)
    • 1000 business cards with your name and website
    • 200 SlimLife Brochures
    • Personalized Car decal with your name & website 24″ wide, 10″ tall
    • 10 bottles of SlimLife HCG
    • 10 bottles of SlimLife Maintain
    • 10 bottles of SlimLife African Mango
    • 10 bottles of SlimLife Thermoinic Burn

SlimLife Compensation Plan

SlimLife compensation plan is based on products sales alone and not building a downline.

SlimLife is a single level direct sales company, meaning that its independent sales reps do not have downlines and are simply paid $15-$29 per product on website sales, or earn an immediate $15-$29 per product that they resell if they choose to stock inventory.

Here is a snap shot of the full SlimLife Compensation chart:

slimlife review

SlimLife Scam

SlimLife is a real, legitimate health and wellness company. Instead of a (MLM Multi-Level-Marketing) business model, SlimLife uses a single level direct sales business model where there is no  downline or people under you.

You are simple a single independent sales rep selling the SlimLife weight loss products. However, the down fall of being a SlimLife independent rep is that there is no leverage.

This means that if you introduce someone to the SlimLife business model, SlimLife does not reward you or allow them to be a part of your team where you help them and earn off their efforts as well.

If you are looking for leverage, there are other companies in the health and wellness niche such as Vfinity that may be a better fit for you.

SlimLife Training & Final Thoughts

Unfortunately I was unable to locate any SlimLife direct sales training to help you succeed.

However I will share with you 3 key elements you need in order to sale a lot of SlimLife weight loss products.

3 Key Elements Needed To Succeed In SlimLife

In order to achieve massive success with your SlimLife business you need to:

  1. Know your target market
  2. Learn how to generate traffic and leads using a blog – your target market
  3.  Communicate with those leads  using email, video or a blog to close sales

That is pretty much all you need in order to rank in sales for your SlimLife business.

This is what the majority of the  SlimLife reviews you come across about will not share with you and they probably try to get you to join their opportunity.

But in my Slimlife Review, I want to give you the facts so you can be well informed about what you are about to get into.

So if you want to truly explode your SlimLife business and learn how a lot of people are using a simple 3 step formula that help them sell more products and make more money then…

Click here to get your SlimLife Free Training.

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes and then take massive action.

With that said, you can make a lot of money as a SlimLife representative because their is a huge market for weight loss products.

The key factor of your success will be determined on how well you learn and implement  the 3 key elements needed in order to succeed.

Make sure you watch this video, to learn how to have customers running to you with credit card in hand!

If you found any value in this SlimLife Review blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

- Shawn Johnson



solo mailing services

Solo ads or some call them Solo mailings are a super fast way to build a list and make sales in your business.

With that said, the next best thing to do is to actually test one to see what kind of return on investment (ROI) you get with your particular offer.

However, You may not know where to start and you don’t know how to find any solo mailing services that will send out a solo ad for you.

In this informative blog post I will cover how and where you can located solo mailing services to build your list and your business.

I also will give you access to my 1 stop shop of solo mailing services for ANY niche.

 Where to Find Solo Mailing Services

  • List Owners

Inner Circle List – The easiest place to start looking for a solo mailing services is within your inner circle. You know, the people that you are in connection with on a constant basis within your particular niche.

To better help you understand what I am saying let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

Places like your mastermind groups, social network sites and favorite groups or forums  are an excellent starting point to find those that will send a solo ad or solo mailing to their list.

Someone may have even approached you in the past about doing the exact same thing that I am sharing with you now.

But peoples list within your inner circle are a great place to start, especially with someone in a complementary (not competitive) business.

Complementary Business List – Step out of your inner circle and start to look at those around you in complementary businesses.

Look especially at the ones that have a large list and a following of people you would like to introduce yourself and your product too.

To get things started, just connect with the business owner by sending an email, or connecting on Facebook and introduce yourself and your business.

Ask if he or she would be interested in a solo mailing. It’s that simple.

If you want to know a lighting speed fast way connect with complementary businesses who you can ask about solo mailings for specific niches, just leave a comment in the comment section below and I will hook you right up.

Guru List – Now that I have shared with you the possibilities of doing a solo ad with your inner circle and complementary businesses, lets move onto those people that you like to learn from (The Guru) and find out if they offer solo mailings.

Keep in mind that you want this to be a highly targeted mailing.

In other words, it would make no sense to send to a list of 10,000 just because it’s a large list if none of those people on that list are going to be interested in what you’re offering.

It would make more sense to find someone you like learning from that has a smaller more targeted list where the people would be more receptive to what you have to offer.

Because people have to work so hard to build their list and it’s their reputation on the line, some list owners will not send out solo mailings, this is normal.

So keep this in mind when you’re approaching them and make sure the offer you want them to send is top quality.

If they do happen to say no – don’t take it personally, just move on to the next person.

  • Ezine Publishers

The next way you can find solo mailing opportunities is to look for a directory of ezines by doing a Google search.

One that comes to mind is JV Rocket (http://www.jvrocket.com/).

The have a list of 226,000 Internet- and Affiliate-Marketers that he’s willing to send a solo mailing to…for a pretty penny ($2,500 per mailing)!

Before you blow a gasket, relax…

…there are less inexpensive places out there ( I will give you access to some), you just have to look for them.

If you’re going to look for a directory of ezines and find solo mailing opportunities that way, be a bit leery and do your research.

Ask for recommendations or look for testimonials to see if anyone has used and been successful with a specific one, because all solo ad providers who provide solo mailing services are not always legit.

Another option is safe-swaps.com, it’s a directory of list owners who offer solo mailings in a variety of niches.

Sellers are rated, and clicks are guaranteed, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for.

I Found A Solo Mailing Service, What’s Next?

Solo Ad Copy

Now that you know where and how to seek out solo mailing offers, it’s time to come up with the copy for your solo ad mailing.

Keep it easy to read, short, compelling, and give the readers a reason to act today not tomorrow.

You want them taking action right away so that they don’t forget about you and your offer.

The main objective of your solo ad is not to sell your business, but rather to get the reader to open the email, click on your link and enter their contact info for more information.

That’s it PERIOD!

If you are trying to sell in your solo mailing, you are missing the boat and potentially  throwing away hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Also with everything in business, it pays to track and test solo-mailing providers.

Make sure you’ve set up a system to track which lists get the best results.

This way you don’t end up throwing money away on solo-mailings that don’t pay off for you and you can scale up on the ones that do.

My 1 Stop Shop for Solo Mailing Services

I have a few questions for you…

How easy would your life be if someone did all the research for you in searching for list owners and ezines for you to do a solo mailing with?

How would you like if this same someone even wrote you a  free high converting  solo ad about YOUR business for you to use in your solo mailing as well?

If you answered yes to both of these question then I have the #1 solution that you are looking for.

Your solution is that you need to become a member of the Directory of Ezines.

Not only will  it save you time and find you proven list, but it will also allow you to get great discounts on your solo mailings too.

Click here to get FREE Solo mailing training and learn how you can become a member of the Directory of Ezines.

Now that I have given you a simple way and a valuable resources to start using solo mailing services, you should now be better equipped to get results.

So go ahead and take action, and get the ball rolling today!

If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

- Shawn Johnson

PS. If you have not downloaded my FREE lead generation report, grab it here, You’ll love it :-)



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