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If you have been in the game as long as I have you normally hear about new companies wayyyyyyyy before the average joe knows it exist.

With that said, I knew about RE 24/7/365 before it started buzzing all over the internet. And now, because you are here probably doing some research, I think its time you learn more about it to.

I plan to give you an honest review about RE 24/7/365 so you can make an intelligent decision on whether its the right company for you.

So lets get into the meat and potatoes of what RE 24/7/365 is all about and address whether its a scam and should you join.

What Is RE 24/7/365?

In a nutshell, RE 24/7/365 it's a network marketing company that helps people save money, make money and also receive money with it's funding program.

Below I have listed RE 24/7/365'S products and services so you can have a clearer picture of what they are about.

RE 24/7/365 Products & Services​ (quick peep)

Electricity –  This products allows YOU not only to save on your electricity bill but also offers you the ability to make money when others use electricity as well.

Travel - The travel component of the RE program allows you to not only save on your travel but allows you to refer people to your travel program so you can generate commissions from their travel. 

Funding – The funding part of the RE 24/7/365 program allows you to help businesses who need money by applying through their lending program where you also receive a commission if a company you refer is approved.

The RE 24/7/365 Compensation Plan

I am not going over the compensation plan, but I will go over just enough information so you can see how it work.

However, if you want to go over the entire compensation plan you can get more info on the corporate site by clicking here. or refer to the image I have posted below.

So as I am writing this blog post, the current compensation plan works like this.

You either get paid by sharing RE products and services or you can get paid by enrolling others in the RE 24/7/365 program. Here is a quick breakdown, on the cost to join, the fast start bonus and the RE Players Club.

Cost To Join – $39.95

Fast Start Bonus – $50 every time you enroll a new $39.95 membership fee. $38 is paid up front  while the remaining $12  is paid to you residually. 

RE Players Club – Receive bonuses as high as $140,000 for having a team that consist of  2000 active RE members of "BF" which stands for Best Friends.

Review image below for detail n of the compensation plan information.




So now that you know a little about RE 24/7/365 products and compensation plan, why are some still call it a scam?

This may be due to the fact that RE'S CEO "PJ"  real name Peter Jensen just got out of jail after being convicted of tax evasion ( read more here), who knows.

Or it maybe because even though RE 24/7/365 has a good product , service and compensation plan MANY of the members STILL FAIL.

Here is a quick video I did , addressing the scam rumors and the #1 problem with RE reps.

After reviewing this video, you will have more than enough information to decide whether you want to join or not.


I hope this blog post and this video has given you enough information for you to make an intelligent decision that is best for you.

But if you do decide to join and you want to generate More Leads, Sponsor More REPS, And Make More Money in your RE 24/7/365 Business click on the link www.SponsorMoreLeads.com to access your RE 24/7/365 blueprint.

If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.  

- Shawn Johnson



Pros and cons

There are pros and cons to every marketing technique when it comes to building a home base business.

With that said, there are definitely pros and cons when it comes to using solo ad mailings.

So before you decide to use solo ads to build your business make sure you understand the pros and cons that come with them.

After reviewing these solo ad tips I am about to reveal to you about solo ad mailings, you will be well informed to make a decision on either 1 of 2 things.

First, you may decide that implementing solo ads into your marketing is just not right for you.

This is totally ok because it's your business.

Or you may want to smack yourself in the face because you're wondering why you haven't used solo mailings before.

Either way I will provide you with some solo ad tips that you can use to make an intelligent sound decision based on your business goals and what is right for you.

So let’s take a look at the benefits of solo ad mailings:

Solo Ad Mailings – PROS

1. Helps you reach more prospects – when using solo ad mailings, your reach to your ideal prospects expands.

It helps you get in front of new people that don’t know who you are. But keep this in mind, make sure that you’re sending a solo mailing to a list that reaches your niche.

All traffic is not created equal, target marketing works best after all.

2. Can be targeted – As I mentioned in #1, target marketing is best. Using Solo ad mailings allows you to reach a highly targeted niche that you may not normally be able to reach.

 Obviously you want to be reaching your target market, because more targeted your solo ad mailings, the higher probability you may get a sale. ( Just saying ;-) )

3. Undivided attention – When it comes to solo ad mailings your solo ad is the main focus. That means your ad will be the only thing that gets put in the mailing.

In other words, you’ll have the undivided attention of the readers which cuts down on the distractions, that can come into play if their were other offers or ads along with yours.

4. Easy to track – solo ad mailings are super easy to track  to find out how good your return on investment is.

A few easy ways of doing this is to either set up a special landing page, use a unique url or use some type of tracking services so you can monitor actions taken on your ad.

This will allow you to find out how good your return on investment is and whether you should scale up or scale down.

5. Inexpensive to use – as with any other form of advertising, the cost for ads solo mailings is going to vary. I have seen them start as low as $12 bucks and as high as $10,000 for a single mailing.

You just have to do your home work and find out what best for you and your marketing budget.

But if you are on a budget, solo ads are the way to go in my opinion.

So now that I have given you some good points about solo ad mailing, let me warn you that its not always peaches and cream when using them.

So let me share with you some downsides as well so you can understand them full circle.

Solo Ad Mailings – CONS

1. Conversion is low – Solo mailings tend to produce a good opt-in rate if your capture is done correctly,but the conversion rate is often low.

This happens because of many things, but just be sure to work only with people who have proven lists of buyers and avoid people who use safe list which are in my opinion a waste of time and money to use.

2. Credibility – when you’re mailing to your own list and interacting with them via social media it gives you the opportunity to build your credibility with them.

One of the cons of a solo mailing is the fact that you don’t get the chance to build credibility with these people,  unless they stay on your list long enough for you to do so.

It usually takes more than one mailing to build a relationship that will ultimately lead to credibility.

3. Spam – One of the biggest problems with solo mailings is that people think it is junk/spam and just delete it.

Obviously this causes a problem for you because it’s like throwing money down the drain if the emails aren’t even getting opened.

I just wanted you to be aware and understand this does happen. So when and if you use solo mailings, you will not be surprised and confused when you see spam complaints.

4. Solo Mailing Cost – While cost was covered as a pro, it also falls under a con too. A list owner has the freedom to charge based on the size of their list and if it’s a large list you’re probably going to pay a pretty penny to have them send your solo ad.

But again like I said in the pro, do what works for you based on the size of your budget.

5. List owner turns you down – After some heavy research, you think you found someone that has a great list that reaches your market and the list is big.

However , after you reach out to them to ask about doing a solo mailing and they tell you no.

Don’t take it personally.

Keep in mind that whatever is sent out to their list affects their reputation. So many list owners are very selective about what they choose to send.

So again, don't take this personal, just research and find another list owner.

Solo Ad Mailings – Conclusion Plus An All-In-One Resource

Now that I have provided you with some solo ad secrets about solo ad mailings you can use in your business, it’s probably worth it to at least test some out in your marketing.

Besides, until you try it, you will never truly know how well solo ads might work in building your business.

Here is an all-in-one resource that I personally use when doing my solo ad mailings. Its called The Directory of Enzines.

This is a powerful membership site that provides you with all you need when it comes to solo ad mailings and much  much more.

As a bonus when you become a member, they will also write you a personalize solo ad for your business offer, which they could easily charge you $197 to do.

However this is a Free service that is provided to you as a member, so you can not worry about ad copy.

The owner of The Directory of Enzines, Charlie Page, also provides you with a ton of solo ad providers to choose from whom are in many different niches.

So whether you a realtor or an internet market The Directory of Enzines can help you build your business using solo ad mailings.

Click here to get your FREE tips and tricks solo ad e course from The Directory of Enzines today.

If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

– Shawn Johnson


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