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Tempo Wireless Review

by Shawn Johnson on October 21, 2014 in Company Reviews

Tempo Wireless Review

In this Tempo Wireless Review, I am going to keep this blog post short and to the point about Tempo Wireless (formerly Lightyear Wireless) and what you need to know before become a customer or representative of the MLM communication company.

Tempo Wireless – The Lightyear Wireless Rebirth

Tempo Wireless previously known as Lightyear Wireless is the new brand created for the network marketing part of the company in the pre-paid wireless market. This is high demand market because

Tempo Wireless is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and focuses on No Contract Wireless as well as providing service through the Lifeline Wireless program.

What is Lifeline?

According to The Tempo Wireless website, the Lifeline program is a program that is geared towards the population whom income is either at or below the poverty line or those who are on some type of federal or state assistance.

Personally I think this is a great program for those who may not be as fortunate to be able to maintain paying a monthly cell phone bill. That’s why Tempo Wireless has a no contract focus and the lifeline program is a great selling point to be able to gather customers who qualify.

Tempo Wireless Products

Tempo Wireless products basically include, phones you can purchase from them and a no contract plans that start as low as $20 to $59.99 a month.

Here is what you get based on what plan you decide to choose.

Tempo Wireless Review

Starting A Tempo Wireless Business

To get started as a representative with Tempo Wireless you have 3 packages to choose from. You can start off at its top package which is the Regional Manager Package costing $499.99. [click to continue…]


slimlife review

The purpose of this SlimLife Review is not to sell you on SlimLife but to give you clear cut picture of what SlimLife is all about and how you can benefit from its products and work at home opportunity.

Whether you are a person looking to lose weight or a person looking to make money from home, I will enough information to determine whether SlimLife products and business opportunity is right for you.

 Who Is SlimLife?

According to SlimLife’s website, SlimLife Inc was started in 2011. They have been in the weight loss industry combined for over 10 years and were one of the first companies to start selling HCG weight loss drops online.

They also offer other products to compliment the HCG diet.

SlimLife also were one of  the first companies to offer African Mango weight loss pills, and then create a thermoionic fat burning weight loss pill for active lifestyles.

 The SlimLife Weight Loss Products

SlimLife’s products include:

  • SlimLife HCG Diet Drops
  • SlimLife HCG Maintain Drops
  • SlimLife African Mango Complex
  • SlimLife Thermoionic Fat Burner
  • SlimLife Meal Replacement Diet Shake

All SlimLife products are priced at $49.00 or under for a 30-day supply.


How to Get involved with SlimLife?

[click to continue…]


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