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Solo ad providers provide entrepreneurs in almost any niche a chance to build an instant list.

One of the fastest ways to build a list is to run a solo ad. There are many solo ad providers who will sell you a solo ad but all of them are not created equal.

However, before I dive into what you need to look for when searching a solo ad directory for a provider, let me break down what a solo ad is and what you need in place before you decide to run one.


So What Is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is basically a special mailing  that you pay someone to mail to their list to promote whatever you are selling.  It is usually sent out as a recommendation by the solo ad provider or some will allow you to provide your own copy.

You also can run a solo ad just about for any niche. Be it you promote a business opportunity or you promote a product or service, solo ads can work for you.

But again, before you choose a provide to run a solo ad for you , its a few things you must have in place.

What You Must Have To Run a Proper Solo Ad.

To run a proper solo ad you need the following components:

  • A  solo ad provider ( I will give you steps for choosing one)
  • An offer – I promote Empower Network
  • Marketing budget – Rule of thumb, invest 20% of what you making in your business back into marketing your business
  • Solo ad copy – Depends on the solo ad provider
  • Capture page
  • Auto-responder – I recommend using PureLeverage or  Aweber

Even though solo ads are a great resource to use when building your list, all solo ad providers are not create equal.

What I am saying is that you have to be care with who you do your solo ads with.

Problems With Solo Ads

As of late, solo ads become a one of the most used and abused marketing methods in the make money from home niche.

A lot of marketers run solo ads because it’s instant, easy to do and very affordable, However here is where the problem comes in.

Everyone who sells solo ads are not always qualified or ethical and as a business owner you need to be mindful of this fact.

So how can you protect your self against this as well as make sure the providers you decide to use are in your best interest?

Well  below I have listed  12 questions that you can pull from when doing your research when deciding what solo ad providers will be right for you.

When you have picked a list owner or enzine that sells solo ads, before you pay for their service ask them all or some of the following questions:

*How long have they been building their list

*How often do they run solo ads

*What kind of offers where successful in the last 6 months  - gives you a feel of whats working

*What kind of offers were successful in the last 6 months – gives you a feel of whats not working

*Where can you subscribe to their list  - This allows you to see how they send out solo ads and also yours if you buy.

* How did they build their list – Lets you know what audience they have on their list

* Do they use single or double opt in to build their list

* Do they send out tips and helpful information to their list

*Is your product or program logical for their audience

* What is the country make up of their list – example USA, Canada etc…

* Do they use safe list

*Do they guarantee clicks

It’s other questions you can ask but these are some good ones to use right now when deciding what solo ad providers would be in your best interest to use.

If you want to shorten your learning curve and learn how to find the best low cost solo ad providers or ezines for your offer like Yesterday, then grab Charlie Page’s Free Solo Ad eBook.

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Charlie will help you find highly interested prospects for any product you promote using the power of ezines advertising and solo ads.  eBook has helped me understand not only how to pick the right solo ad provider, but it has also showed me the proper way write, use and profit from solo ads.

If you found value from this post share with me your thoughts in the comment sections below.

Here’s to your next successful solo ad campaign,

Shawn Johnson

PS. I used solo ads to help generate some of these results – so can you! Check out this video..


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